UW-Green Bay hosts Jonathon Waterman’s presentation of ‘Oil vs. Wilderness’

GREEN BAY —Author, photographer and adventurer Jon Waterman is coming to the University of Wisconsin- Green Bay Wednesday, Sept. 23, to present his first-hand account of exploring the Alaskan wilderness in “Oil vs. Wilderness.”

The presentation is a part of UW-Green Bay’s Common Theme “Realizing Our Sustainable Future,” a yearlong program designed to engage the campus and community in the ideals of a liberal arts education and the UW-Green Bay interdisciplinary mission. It encourages faculty, staff, students and community members to focus on a general theme from multiple perspectives and have a shared experience with open discussion and critical thinking.

Waterman’s presentation of “Oil vs. Wilderness” will follow his exploration of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, while weighing the impact oil drilling has on both the economy and the environment.

The program, held in the University Union’s Phoenix Room, will show the findings from an expedition Waterman led, with the renowned conservationist George Schaller, to study climate change in northern Alaska.

During the expedition, Waterman visited with other scientists and Native Americans, and traveled throughout the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to document the effects of global warming.

The lecture was also derived from an accredited course for the University of Alaska Waterman taught on the subject to determine the aesthetic values behind wilderness preservation versus northern industry.

He has written nine books detailing his adventures over the years, including “Surviving Denali” and “Where Mountains are Nameless,” as well as starring in and writing films for television.

Waterman has also received many awards for his work, including the American Alpine Club Literary Award and the National Park Service Special Achievement Award.

The presentation begins at 8 p.m. and is free to the public. Visit www.uwgb.edu/commontheme for more information or to see other upcoming events.

For more on Jonathon Waterman visit his website at http://jonathanwaterman.com/.