UW-Green Bay Chancellor Gary Miller Releases Statement on Upcoming Biennial Budget Discussion

Green Bay, WI University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Chancellor Gary Miller issued the following statement today regarding the 2017-2019 Biennial Budget:

“In the coming months state policy makers will develop and approve the 2017-2019 Wisconsin Biennial Budget. I believe strongly that the future of the Wisconsin economy depends on renewed and smart investments in the state’s public colleges and universities.

Since the Great Recession of 2007-2008, virtually all job growth in the United States has been in jobs requiring a two-year or four-year college degree. Right now, there are 8.1 million more jobs requiring a bachelor’s degree than existed before the recession. The college degree is more important than ever.

For Wisconsin and Green Bay, the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay is more important than ever.

At UW‑Green Bay we embrace our mission to provide access to the college degree, support the regional economy through innovative business partnerships, develop high impact degree programs and lead in efforts to promote the commonwealth good in our urban environment. A UW‑Green Bay degree is one of the most affordable in the country and one of the very best.

Next week, the Board of Regents will approve a budget request for the coming biennium. That request is shaped by the new UW System strategic plan — 2020FWD: Moving Wisconsin and the World Forward —which is being finalized with input from more than 5,000 Wisconsin citizens who gathered in discussions or responded to surveys about the future of the UW System.

The strategic plan and the budget request directly address the challenges our community has placed on higher education. It shows how to move students toward a degree faster, it sets expectations for how universities mobilize business and the community; it seeks to make the college experience valuable for everyone and it sets forth operational guidelines to ensure that Wisconsin colleges and universities remain some of the most affordable and efficient in the country.

The evidence for reinvesting in UW‑Green Bay and the UW System is strong and can be found in the UW System Accountability Dashboard at www.wisconsin.edu/accountability. We have also attached this important information. I look forward to visiting with many, many of you in the coming months to discuss how to continue to support this most precious community asset.”

About the University of Wisconsin–Green Bay

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay is a comprehensive public institution offering undergraduate and graduate programs to 6,700 students. The University transforms lives and communities through exceptional and award-winning teaching and research, innovative learning opportunities, and a problem-solving approach to education. For more information, visit www.uwgb.edu.


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