University of Wisconsin-Green Bay’s Lifelong Learning Institute Encourages Learning as Lifelong Pursuit

GREEN BAY, Wis.—At the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, learning is a lifelong pursuit, and the member-led Lifelong Learning Institute (LLI) isn’t going to let coronavirus get in the way of delivering enriching and engaging classes in a safety-conscious way for members.

LLI is a 20+-year strong membership program developed by retirees for retirees. LLI is offering more than 120 classes, virtually this year. Registration is open now through August 13, 2020.

Susan Pike, program specialist, and volunteer on the curriculum committee, worked diligently and creatively with a network of instructors developing courses in formats best suited to the subject matter. Instructors include existing and retired faculty, local experts and enthusiasts. Class formats encompass online live, online recorded and outdoors. Topics cover art, fitness, government, health, history, reading, writing, science, nature, religion, special interest and travel.

Classes are accessible online which means you can access courses anywhere – engaging at home, visiting your grandchildren or snowbirding elsewhere.

Notable instructors include Professor Ryan Martin, a nationally-known anger researcher, Susan Lepak-Gallagher, Dean of the College of Health, Education and Social Welfare, Erin Giese, Field Crew Leader for the Great Lakes Coastal Wetland Monitoring Program and John Chandik, retired meteorologist with WLUK-TV.

New members can register for up to 20 classes each semester. Join LLI for a tour into the Packers archives. If you are a history buff, you will enjoy classes about local history or major world events like “From the Holocaust to Civil Rights.” Naturalists can learn more about wildlife and the environment with classes like “Sustainability and Solar Energy.” There are also classes about food “Spreading the Word about Cheese, Spread, That is,” topical issues “Drugs in Brown County – Are Your Grandchildren at Risk?” And classes for fitness or fun like “The Art of Repurposing Thrift Shop Finds (and Your Stuff).”

The annual LLI membership fee is $125 – an average cost of $10.42 per month – and includes two semesters. You may register for up to 20 classes per semester.

More than 120 interactive and fascinating subjects! Registration is completely online. A gorgeous 20+-page catalog of classes will be available at Monday, July 27, and at 10 a.m. registration will also open. Registration closes August 14 at 4 p.m. Join today, because TOGETHER, WE LEARN.

For more information on the program visit: or contact Susan Pike, Program Specialist, at  920-465-2356.

About UW-Green Bay’s Division of Continuing Education and Community Engagement
The Division of Continuing Education and Community Engagement focuses its mission on creating educational opportunity and access for all ages, encompassing K-12 student programs, personal and professional development and customized training to meet the needs of a progressive economy. The division develops, collaborates and executes responsive solutions for diverse communities statewide, all of which reflect a deep commitment to inclusion, social justice and civic responsibility



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