Survey Seeks Responses from Northeast Wisconsin Working Women

Institute for Women’s Leadership and New North Collaborate to Identify Resources Needed, and Barriers to be Eliminated, to Grow Regional Female Leaders

Green Bay, Wis.—Working women in Northeast Wisconsin… area researchers want to hear from you.

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Center for Public Affairs, in partnership with the newly launched Institute for Women’s Leadership and the New North, Inc., invite working women across the region to participate in a research opportunity designed to gain regional insights on women in the workplace.

The research project seeks the perspectives and experiences of Northeast Wisconsin working women in order to regionally inform how the Institute can best serve female professionals in the area.

“Women compose just under 50% of the regional workforce, statewide that number is 63.4%*, giving Wisconsin a “C” grade,” said Institute for Women’s Leadership Executive Director Teri Zuege-Halvorsen. “While much data exists at the national level about women in the workforce, local trends on matters crucial to the success of working women are limited. The intent of the survey is to address that gap, fueling the attracting, retaining and encouraging of qualified talent with Institute initiatives and collaborations.”

The survey is open to all individuals who identify as female and are currently working. It is live on the Institute’s website and remains open through Friday, July 30. The survey is estimated to take 10 minutes to complete with the experience optimal on a laptop or desktop computer. The survey is anonymous, and the results will be used to attract, retain and develop women in our New North 18-county region.

“NEW North is excited to gain insights about the powerful force women participating in Wisconsin’s labor force represent,” said Barb LaMue of New North, Inc. “There is much work to be done in Northeast Wisconsin and this data will help us get after it.”

The survey was designed to gather multidimensional data around work-life aspects affecting working women such as career development, career challenges, workplace equity and culture. Specifically, questions investigate:

  • Leadership support
  • Family support
  • Workplace culture
  • Networks
  • Promotion opportunities


Findings will be used to determine of events, programs, workshops, conferences, speaker series, coaching sessions and more to support the growth of a robust pipeline of women in leadership.

Researchers assure anonymity. All IP addresses will be scrubbed before analysis. No businesses nor respondents will ever be identified. Only aggregate results will be released, which will be shared publicly. For questions regarding the survey, please contact Lora Warner at, associate professor and faculty in residence advisor for the Institute.

About the Institute for Women’s Leadership Institute
The Institute for Women’s Leadership was established in 2021. Located at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, the Institute provides participants the opportunity to expand transformational leadership skills, building a leadership a pipeline for Northeast Wisconsin. The Institute both embraces the Wisconsin Idea and serves the core and select missions of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay in its commitment to inclusion, civic engagement, educational opportunity at all levels, and community-based partnerships. The Institute of Women’s Leadership exists as part of the Division of Continuing Education and Community Engagement. The Institute seeks to fulfill critical needs throughout Wisconsin and contribute to a robust, more broadly engaged and representative professional workforce and leadership. For more information visit the website

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About New North, Inc.
New North, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, regional marketing and economic development Corporation fostering collaboration among private and public sector leaders throughout the 18 counties of Northeast Wisconsin, known as the New North region. The New North brand unites the region both internally and externally around talent development, regional brand development, and business development, signifying the collective economic power behind the 18 counties of Northeast Wisconsin.



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