UW-Green Bay forges new alliance with UW-Marinette

GREEN BAY — A new program slated to begin in fall 2009 promises to help more University of Wisconsin-Marinette transfer students receive their bachelor’s degrees at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.

UW-Green Bay Interim Chancellor David Ward, UW Colleges/Extension Chancellor David Wilson, UW-Marinette Dean Paula Langteau and UW System Regent Michael Spector will meet at 1:30 p.m., Wednesday, May 6, in UW-Marinette’s main building cafeteria to sign the UW-Green Bay Connections agreement. Students and the public are invited to attend the signing ceremony.

Nearly half of UW-Marinette transfer students—an average of 46.7 percent over the past 10 years—attend UW-Green Bay.

Factors for the high transfer rate are the proximity between the two cities and the use of traditional academic advising for transfer students. Up to this point, however, no formal program for facilitating transfer between these two institutions, except for the larger UW Colleges Guaranteed Transfer Program, has existed to encourage students to transfer specifically to UW-Green Bay.

“UW-Green Bay and UW-Marinette share a significant local catchment area,” Ward said. “It is the mission of both UW-Green Bay and UW-Marinette to provide greater access to a university education to the students we serve, as well as to grow the number of Wisconsin citizens with baccalaureate degrees.”

The UW-Green Bay Connections program would share similarities with the UW-Madison Connections program in that students enrolled will receive additional academic advising and special orientation to UW-Green Bay. Students will also receive a UW-Green Bay ID card, which entitles them to the many privileges of UW-Green Bay enrollment, including access to the Cofrin Library, recreational facilities, student organizations and student rates for athletic, cultural and social events held at UW-Green Bay.

Students will automatically be enrolled in the UW-Green Bay Connections program with the understanding that they have the option to transfer to any school they wish. Organized cohort-group orientations and tours at UW-Green Bay will be offered in the first semester at UW-Marinette, with department and majors orientations later in the second or third semester. Finally, transfer orientations will be offered in the final semester. Also, joint lecture and advising opportunities will be available at the two campuses along with program referral services.

“The purpose of this alliance,” said Langteau, “is to provide additional access to higher education in Northeastern Wisconsin. Such a partnership would, from first contact with prospective students, help them to map out a path to their degree completion, enhance overall affordability, facilitate ease of transferability, and ultimately, baccalaureate degree completion.”

For more information about the UW-Green Bay Connections Program, contact any member of the UW-Green Bay Connections Transfer Team: Assistant Director of Admissions Jen Pfundtner, (920) 465-2111; Transfer Student Coordinator Deanne Kusserow, (920) 465-5105; or Credit Evaluation Adviser Russ Leary in the Registrar’s Office, (920) 465-5020.