New Nursing Leadership Certificate

Certificate in Nursing Leadership and Management Empowers Nurses to Take Expertise to Next Level

Green Bay, Wis.—The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay announced a new certificate program—Certificate in Nursing Leadership and Management—for experienced nurses that will give them the confidence and skills to lead and manage most any situation. The certificate will allow nurses to have a bigger impact in healthcare and in their careers. The job outlook is excellent.

There is a 23% growth prediction for the job outlook of nursing leadership and management positions across the United States, according to (January, 2021).

Key online courses from UW-Green Bay’s renowned Master of Science in Nursing Leadership and Management curriculum have been combined to create the Certificate in Nursing Leadership and Management. This four-course certificate program, designed for BSN-prepared nurses, instills business savvy and leadership acuity, including:

  • Skills and habits of effective healthcare leaders
  • The business of healthcare, including how to ​create and manage budgets
  • Healthcare informatics and technology
  • Healthcare policy and change management
  • Human resources management and insights
  • Enhanced critical communications and relationship-building skills

Once completed, students can pursue the Master of Science in Nursing Leadership and Management program, as all 12 credits transfer to the 34-credit MSN program, or students can apply their new confidence and leadership abilities directly into their daily work environment.

All courses are online, allowing nurses to participate in classes and homework as their busy schedule allows. Students take one course per semester, in fall and spring. The Certificate program can be started in any fall or spring semester, and is completed over two years.

“The recent pandemic and healthcare reform are two drivers of continual change in healthcare,” according to Janet Reilly, D.N.P., Certificate and MSN Chair at UW-Green Bay. “BSN-prepared nurses need advanced skills in communication, human relations, business, and leadership to navigate such ongoing change, which this Certificate provides. Across the healthcare spectrum, from prevention to acute care to end-of-life care, there is a growing need for nursing expertise in leadership and management. This Certificate provides opportunity for a BSN nurse to enhance his or her skills and knowledge, while gaining leverage to move up or stand out in pursuit of a new leadership position or additional responsibilities.”

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