UW-Green Bay offers Arts Enrichment for Adults summer program

Arts Enrichment for Adults, a non-credit program offered at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, is designed for adults with interests in learning new art genres. A wide array of classes will be offered from 6-8:30 p.m. Tuesday evenings, July 14 – Aug. 11, 2015, on the UW-Green Bay campus, 2420 Nicolet Drive.

Students can choose one class from the following course options:

Acrylic Painting: Abstracting the Senses – This workshop will explore the world of abstraction and present different ways of evoking sensory experiences through color, composition, and surface. Each week will have a short lesson that will give participants an opportunity to experience abstraction from a new perspective and/or process. Small-scale paintings will be completed each week using the new processes learned. Technical instruction will be given on how to create dynamic color, innovative surface texture, and powerful compositions. Level: Adventurous beginner, intermediate. Instructor: Danica Oudeans

Landscape Digital Photography – Are you the next Ansel Adams? In this workshop you will examine photographs of the masters like Adams to discover what makes a good landscape photograph. Instructor and professional photographer Dan Moore will then apply those concepts in the field, using the natural landscape around the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay’s Cofrin Arboretum as your subject matter. Once you have taken your photographs, you will move to the computer lab, where you will learn how to use Photoshop to enhance your images. NOTE: This is NOT a class on digital camera technology. Participants should come to class understanding the basic operation of their digital camera. Instructor: Dan Moore

Ceramics: Wheel Throwing And Hand-Building For Raku Firing – Come get fired up with raku! The use of fire and smoke to achieve dramatic glazing effects will inspire you as you become part of this time-honored tradition. Whether ceramics is your favorite artistic medium or you would just like to explore this art form, professional potter Dean Hoegger will guide you on a creative adventure of shaping clay into forms. You will learn techniques for making wheel-thrown, hand-built vessels and sculptures, and the special glazing and firing process for raku pottery. Whether you are a beginner or experienced student, you will experience success in this popular workshop. Instructor: Dean Hoegger

Drawing What You See – In this workshop you will explore the techniques that will make your drawings, whether still-life or portraits come alive while deepening your understanding of line, tone, shape, volume and texture. Exercises in gesture, contour, proportion, perspective and the use of color media will train your hand and build your confidence, as you complete realistic drawings while developing your personal style. A variety of media will be used, including graphite, charcoal, colored pencil and oil pastels. Instructor: Sara Tlachac

Watercolor Inspirations – In this workshop you will discover the possibilities of glowing color, and misty flowing washes when you allow color to mix on paper. You will explore a variety of techniques for creating texture; ways to simplify subject matter into basic shapes that capture its essence, the use of patterns of light and dark to create form, and much more. Students of all levels are welcome! Instructor: Tricia Matthew

Nonfiction Writing: Everyone Has a Story to Tell – Sandra Shackelford, former journalist, writing instructor, college art instructor, and professional fine artist, will mentor your growth and development as you begin or continue to write those stories you’ve been waiting for years to put down on paper in a non-competitive, relaxed atmosphere. The focus of this interactive workshop is memoir, narrative nonfiction, “true” stories based on personal experience; writing about the people, events, and places that have impacted and shaped your life. Using writing prompts, you will begin and/or continue creatively recording your “truth.” Bring pencil, pen, and notebook along with a good sense of humor! Instructor: Sandra Shackelford

The Arts Enrichment for Adults class fee of $139 covers instruction. Some classes requiring special materials also have a lab fee. Students choose one course that they will focus on during the five-week session.

Sandra Shackelford coordinates the Arts Enrichment for Adults summer art program. More information and registration is available online at www.uwgb.edu/outreach/artsforadults. The telephone number for information is (920) 465-2775. Email: summercamps@uwgb.edu.


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