Grandparents’ University offers generational education opportunity

Grandparents and their grandchildren between the ages of 7 and 14, can share their love of learning at the two-day Grandparents’ University summer camp at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.

The summer camp takes places July 8-9, and will allow grandparents and grandchildren to explore together topics of interest and enjoy summer activities on the scenic UW-Green Bay campus.

Grandparents’ University offers eight courses from among five different “majors”:

Connecting: Preserving and Passing on Our Stories – with Sandra Shackelford:
Writing stories, enhanced with drawings and timelines, based on personal experience and family lore will be the feature of this class. Sandra Shackelford, documentary artist and oral historian, will be your guide, assisting you as you explore, exchange, share and write your experiences, thereby deepening and solidifying the unique and precious bond between generations, while passing on and preserving family history. Writing, drawings and a take-home memory book will highlight the experience.

Group Guitar – with Instructor Mark Kiehn:
In this new class, students will experience a blend of music and activities for the beginner to intermediate guitarist in a fun and informal setting. Students will be playing music from a variety of styles, and will be playing music right away. No knowledge of notation is needed. Be sure to bring your own guitar.

Memory-Making Clay Designs – with Instructor Dean Hoegger:
Students will learn the fundamentals of working with clay. They will experiment with textures, colors, shapes and found images to create a GPU memory vessel that can be used to store objects representing the shared memories of the grandparent and grandchild! Students will learn the basics of blending, carving, and using impressed objects to create their own unique vessel.

You’re the Artist: Learn How to Draw Cartoon Characters! – with Instructor Addie Sorbo:
Artists create drawings called storyboards to plan animated movies and cartoons like Finding Nemo, “Phineas & Ferb,” and “Pokémon.” Learn how to draw your favorite cartoon character, and create a scene for your own movie storyboard.

Creating a Family Webpage – with Instructor Bill Shay:
In this popular course Prof. Shay will take students through the steps to creating a webpage for their family. By using an ‘easy to use’ web design software package, he will show participants how to write to your webpage, how to scan family or pet photographs and more. Students will leave the class with an introductory understanding of how web pages work, and they will take the work home on a CD.

Animals on the Wild Side, in Nature and the Museum – with Thomas Erdman, Curator, Richter Museum of Natural History:
Students will learn about Green Bay’s natural biodiversity through trail walks in the campus prairie, Green Bay shore, and wooded areas of the Cofrin Arboretum, our nature ‘lab.’ In the Richter Museum, explore the fascinating collections and see how they are used for teaching, documentations of species distributions and environmental changes and quality. Learn what a voucher specimen is and why they are so important. See how birds and other animals are used to detect toxins and their importance in cleaning up the Fox River, Green Bay and Lake Michigan.

Nutritional Science – with Instructor Karen Lacey:
Preparation of food is both a science and an art. In this class, students will learn about how certain foods help bodies stay healthy. Students will participate in hands-on science experiments that they can eat.

Physics in the Real World – with Instructor Heidi Fencl:
This class will get students into the physics lab to experience how things really work in the ‘real world.’ This session will be a hands-on look at several areas of physics. Over the two days, students will explore the physics behind musical instruments and have some fun with electric circuits and motors.

Registration for Grandparents’ University continues through June 25 on a first-come, first-served basis.

Participants will meet at 10:30 a.m. July 8, and the program ends at 2:30 p.m. Friday, July 9, following a graduation ceremony.

The fee for Grandparents’ University is $189 per adult and child pair. The fee includes instruction, activities, Thursday night cookout, parking and a T-shirt. Each additional adult is $125 and each additional child is $75.

Grandparents’ University attendees may commute or choose to stay in UW-Green Bay student suite apartments. The cost for on-campus lodging is a flat rate of $60 for a four-bedroom suite. Commuters and residents alike may purchase a meals package for $22 per person that includes Thursday and Friday lunches and Friday breakfast. Individual meal tickets may be purchased at check-in.

Information and registration are available online at Information also is available by calling (920) 465-2775 or (800) 621-2313.

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R. Terry Anderson

I teach English Composition and handle media and marketing for the Institute for Learning Partnership.

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