UW-Green Bay students to showcase research at March 7 state Capitol event

Seven University of Wisconsin-Green Bay seniors will present undergraduate research projects as part of the ninth annual UW System “Posters in the Rotunda” event on Wednesday, March 7 at the state Capitol in Madison.

The students are among more than 200 UW System undergraduates, along with their faculty advisers, who will fill the Capitol Rotunda to share their original research with legislators and other state leaders. The event runs from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m., with a brief formal program beginning at 11 a.m. State leaders and others will have the opportunity to view poster presentations of the research projects, speak with students and learn more about how their work has enriched their college experience.

“Out of every 100 resident students who earn a University of Wisconsin degree, 81 will put their college degree to work right here in Wisconsin,” said UW System President Kevin P. Reilly.

“We know that academic research on UW campuses has a major impact on Wisconsin’s economy, and also that it plays a significant role in helping students stay in school, graduate at higher rates, and prepare themselves for the workforce of the 21st century,” Reilly said. “I want to especially thank the faculty advisers for their extra efforts to make this a tremendous real-world, hands-on learning experience for their undergraduate students.”

The UW-Green Bay students who will display their research at Posters in the Rotunda are as follows:

Jake Eggert, New Franken, Interdisciplinary Studies/Environmental Economics, will present “Environmental Management and Business Institute (EMBI) — Aurora BayCare Project,” the results of a partnership between UW-Green Bay’s innovative EMBI and one of Northeastern Wisconsin’s major medical centers. His faculty adviser is Prof. John Stoll.

Michelle Bartoletti, Suamico, Public Administration and Environmental Policy, will present “Packers ‘Green Team’ Movement,” the results of a partnership between the Green Bay Packers and EMBI that seeks to increase rates of recycling among fans and food vendors on game day. Her faculty adviser is Prof. John Stoll.

David Lawrence, Brussels, Field Biology and Environmental Science, will present “Fish Assemblages of the Wequiock Creek Estuary in Lower Green Bay,” a project that explores a largely unstudied area estuary that’s been overrun by the common reed (Phragmites australis). His faculty adviser is Prof. Bob Howe.

Marcy Jivery, Lake Tomahawk, Social Work, will present “Gender-Specific Treatment: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Substance Use,” an independent study and undergraduate research focusing on the analysis of peer-reviewed scholarly literature. Research sought evidence-based treatment and intervention for post-traumatic stress disorder and substance use, along with gender-specific knowledge about the prevalence of co-occurring disorders. Her faculty adviser is Associate Prof. Jolanda Sallmann.

Craig Van Pay, Green Bay, Psychology, will present “The Influence of Language on Memory: Differences in Recollection of Regular English Plural Nouns with Varying Phonological Properties,” which explores children’s plural pronunciation as it relates to memory. His faculty adviser is Assistant Prof. Jennifer Zapf.

Alicia Engstrom, De Pere, Humanistic Studies with an Ancient Medieval Emphasis, will present “Ancient Fiber Crop Cultivation on a 21st Century College Campus,” a project that involved the labor-intensive process of processing flax to linen through numerous steps, including cultivation, harvesting, rippling, retting, breaking, scotching, hackling, spinning and weaving. Her faculty adviser is Assistant Prof. Heidi Sherman.

Morgan Gantz, Green Bay, Environmental Studies, will present “Shawano County Highway Right-of-way Invasive Species Assessment,” a summary of her research identifying and creating maps for a distribution of 33 different invasive species along 138 miles of right-of-ways in Shawano County. Her faculty adviser is Prof. John Stoll.

More information on the Posters in the Rotunda event, including a list of all participating students and their research projects, is available at www.wisconsin.edu/posters.


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