Visiting professor to speak on Islam as ecumenical movement Monday, Feb. 18

A renowned professor of Near Eastern History will present on “Nascent Islam as an Ecumenical Movement” from 2:15-3:45 p.m. Monday, Feb. 18 in the Christie Theatre of UW-Green Bay’s University Union.

University of Chicago Prof. Fred Donner’s presentation will examine whether Islam was originally founded just for Muslims, or rather as a religion intended to embrace Jews, Christians and Muslims. Donner has extensively studied the origins of Islam, tribal and nomadic society and early Islamic history, among other areas. He is the author of several books, including “Muhammad and the Believers: At the Origin of Islam” (Harvard University Press, 2008).

Donner’s address is part of UW-Green Bay’s long-running Historical Perspectives Lecture Series, the foremost activity of the Center for History and Social Change at UW-Green Bay. First organized in 1985, the annual series of talks by a wide variety of historians and social scientists is made possible thanks to funds from a variety of University donors.

The Center for History and Social Change promotes historical thought, study and discourse at UW-Green Bay and in the larger community through lectures, seminars and other campus events. It is associated most directly with the University’s program in Democracy and Justice Studies, and pursues its activities in relation to that program’s goals. It also works closely with other academic programs to reinforce and support UW-Green Bay’s interdisciplinary mission.

Donner’s talk is free and open to the public. Additional biographical information is online at More information about the Historical Perspectives Lecture Series is available at


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