UW-Green Bay to close Jan. 14 for furlough day

GREEN BAY – The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay will be closed for general business activities on Friday, Jan. 14, the third of four campuswide furlough days identified by the University in response to state-ordered budget cuts.

As part of the plan to address the state’s multi-billion budget deficit, all state employees including those at UW-Green Bay are required to take as many as eight furlough days annually and to accept a corresponding 3 percent reduction in earnings.

To help address those reductions while minimizing disruption to students, University officials identified four low-traffic dates when the campus will close and all employees (except critical staff) will be off work without pay.

The Friday before the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday qualifies as a low-traffic date. The final campuswide furlough day will be May 27, 2011, another day that falls outside the academic calendar’s fall and spring semesters. The campus was also closed for furlough days on Nov. 26 and Dec. 27.

UW-Green Bay offices will also be closed on Monday, Jan. 17, in observance of the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.