Video: View highlights of 2022 Fall/Winter Commencement 

It was a day of celebration! During the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay’s Fall/Winter 106th UW-Green Bay Commencement ceremonies on Saturday, December 17, 2022, graduates shared their stories about overcoming struggles, reaching personal milestones and the support they received from faculty, family and friends. Congratulations to all 2022 graduates!

Video produced by Sue Pischke, university photographer/videographer

Transcript: I’m a first-generation student graduating today and my family is extremely proud. It was a struggle being a dad and going to school. Working full-time while going to school. Feels like accomplishment. Um you know like everything that we I’ve worked hard for is finally paying off. So, it’s just great. I feel excited that I get to graduate from this amazing University. With my degree, I will be applying to one of the med schools in Wisconsin because one of my goals is to become a physician in the future. UW-Green Bay they offered so much and to be able to do it online completely, living hours away was unbelievably convenient. And I am so excited about my future and what it holds. During My Capstone, I was offered a full-time position so, I’m now a hospital outpatient coder and that will be my foot in the door to start the rest of my career and it’s only up from here. I was in the military for 14 years. I was diagnosed with PTSD. I decided to enroll in UWGB to get my bachelor’s in Psychology and eventually become a counselor to help my fellow veterans. I’m a first-generation student. My family is proud of me and I’m thankful for them for supporting me for my journey. Without them, I wouldn’t have come this far and accomplish, right now graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Democracy & Justice Studies. And I’m happy and I’m proud of it and I would like to thank all the professors that helped me too. Thank you. My Professor Woo Jeon, he is my mathematics professor. He definitely inspires me. He’s a very very intelligent guy and he helped me get through a lot of my mathematics courses. So, I’m one of four to graduate, I’m the first to graduate from college so, I think they’re proud. I am very, very excited. I am a returning a non-traditional student so, to be my age and have a family and able to obtain my degrees are pretty extraordinary. I am proud to be a UWGB Phoenix graduating because of the opportunities that this University has provided me. The classes that I’ve taken have been top-notch and I couldn’t ask for anything better. I feel that this school really empowered me to seek my goals and finish everything that I really wanted to with a lot of support. And it feels so good to graduate. It’s been a long time coming, a lot of hard work, a lot of late nights but I’m so proud and very, very excited. Go Phoenix!

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