2019 UW-Green Bay graduate announces book launch

Skyla Arndt, a UW-Green Bay class of ’19 graduate, is excited to announce a cover reveal and a preorder date for her new book. Arndt received a book deal with Penguin Random House in 2021 and is now preparing to release her very own book titled, “Together We Rot”, in the coming year. The cover reveal was just released on Penguin Teen, and the preorder date for the book is set for August 29, 2023.

Skyla majored in Business Administration (with an emphasis in marketing) and minored in Graphic Design and International Business. “This has been super useful for me as big publishers expect authors to do a lot of social media promotion for their work,” said Arndt. “I’m also able to implement my graphic design skills to create book assets such as trailers, bookmarks, posters, etc.”

Click here to view the cover of her new book and learn more about all the book has to offer.

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