More than 25 UW-Green Bay students earn Google Analytics certification in entrepreneurship class

More than 25 students taking BUS ADM 371 eEntrepreneurship and Digital Management, UW-Green Bay’s digital twist on a typical intro entrepreneurship class, have earned their Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) certification. To take the GAIQ exam, students studied several hours of Google Analytics for Beginners than Advanced Google Analytics. To earn the certification, students had to score 80% or better on a 70-question multiple-choice timed exam.

The eEntrepreneurship and Digital Management course introduces digital entrepreneurship concepts via weekly video cases with a “Choose Your Own Adventure” style. The video case makes students choose between 2-4 decisions that entrepreneurs have to make, and students reflect on their choices in an online discussion board. Students also learn how to lead virtual teams in the class. Virtual teams are then formed with the task of creating a Launch Plan for an online startup. The Launch Plan includes a voice over slide deck presentation and a digital business prototype of a new online business using free web development and social media tools. Virtual teams of students in the spring 2020 class will also compete in a social media simulation which badges the skills they will learn, including managing a significant weekly social media marketing budget.

eEntrepreneurship and Digital Management is the first of four entrepreneurship courses at UW-Green Bay. Entrepreneurship courses at UW-Green Bay are open to all majors. Students can earn a four-course certificate or an entrepreneurship emphasis in a business administration major.

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