President Reilly addresses employee compensation in remarks to Board

UW System President Kevin Reilly addressed the Board of Regents on the topic of employee compensation during the full board meeting on Dec. 7 in Madison. He ran through the recent pay raise history — a 0% pay plan for both 2009-11 and 2011-13, on the heels of a promised 2% bump in 2009 that was later rescinded for most workers — and noted that unpaid furlough days and higher benefit contributions further squeezed pocketbooks and made competitive recruitment and retention more difficult. “This has not been easy. Nonetheless, our UW employees did what they were asked to do…” Reilly said at one point in his remarks, “(and) these sacrifices have played a real part in the State’s improved financial position…” Now is the time, he suggested, for the System, Regents and state to begin to correct its compensation problems. See Reilly’s remarks.