Garbe receives Radder Memorial honor

From left: Mary Sue Lavin, Riley Garbe (receiving Radder Memorial honor) and Autumn Beukema

From left: Mary Sue Lavin, Riley Garbe and Autumn Beukema


Receiving the Whitney Radder Phenomenal Role Model Award winner for UWGB’s Phuture Phoenix program is Riley Garbe, a UWGB mentor at Franklin Middle School. Garbe was nominated by Franklin Phellow Autumn Beukema, who said of Garbe, “He has shown outstanding work at Franklin and has such a passion for this program. He has gone above and beyond my expectations of any tutor because of his passion to all areas of the class. I can’t say enough great things about Riley.” Garbe is also a Phuture Phoenix Scholarship recipient, having attended the Phuture Phoenix Campus Visit in 2005 when he was a member of Green Bay’s Jefferson Elementary School. A cross-country athlete at UW-Green Bay, Garbe plans on entering the education field to become a teacher in the very near future. Whitney Radder was a UWGB student killed in a crash on Highway 41. She was involved in Phuture Phoenix tutoring as an education student at Franklin Middle School, and the program remembers her good work by awarding the Whitney Radder Phuture Phoenix Phenomenal Role Model Award each semester in her name.

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