Intramural students get shot at Kress Center stardom, Tuesday night

The Kress Events Center will be hosting its 5th intramural championship night on the main floor of the 4,000-seat events center on Tuesday night (Dec. 8). It’s a big deal, with the lights on, the music playing and everything pretty much like a full-fledged Division I extravaganza, to give recreational athletes a chance to enjoy a big-time setting. Channel 20 student television will be producing the game, and the radio will be doing a live broadcast with sideline reporters and play-by-play.

Starting at 6 p.m., there will be five championship games played in succession. Faculty and staff are invited to pop in and enjoy the action:

•  Co-rec Volleyball B league

•  Co-rec Volleyball A league

•  Women’s Basketball

•  Men’s B league Basketball

•  Men’s A league Basketball

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