Psychology students delivering punny ‘Mil-grams’

Psychology students are spreading cheer as the end of the semester approaches by delivering “Mil-grams” to fellow students. The namesake for the “grams,” Stanley Milgram, is one of the most famous research psychologists of all time. He completed the famous Milgram Experiments where we learned that most people will shock another person to death if ordered by an authority figure (in a lab coat) to do so.

Students delivering the “Mil-grams” wear white lab coats when they deliver make puns and jokes like “shock your friends with a sweet treat” and “it is essential that you continue the deliveries” (a play on a famous line from the study).

To send a “mil-gram” to a Psychology student, fill out this form. “Mil-gram” delivers began Tuesday, Dec. 4 and will continue through Friday, Dec. 14 (or until supplies run out!)

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