Another pitch for United Way

With the clock ticking down toward the Friday (Nov. 30) close of the United Way campaign, we share the following from campus chair Rick Warpinski.

“Why pledge or how much to pledge?  While answers to both can and are personal to you and your own situation, some reasons to consider are:

• There are many others in our local area in much tougher financial shape than we are and even $26 can make a difference.
• The great feeling one receives in return for making a pledge often is all you need.
• Just think – will I miss $3/paycheck for 9 paychecks?
• How about donating $10/paycheck for 12 paychecks?  This amounts to not buying coffee or soda 3-5 times each month and in turn donating those saved dollars to the United Way.”

If you have questions about the UWGB campaign, the Brown County United Way, or anything else as it relates to this effort, please feel free to contact Rick Warpinski, United Way campaign chair for UW-Green Bay at or via phone at 465-2090.

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