Reminder: Driver authorization required as of Nov. 30

A reminder: As of Nov. 30, 2017, any individual driving on University business must be authorized through the Wisconsin Department of Administration Vehicle User Authorization System. It only takes a few minutes. Please note that no employee is required to obtain authorization; it is a decision that is left to the individual employee. If the employee and his or her supervisor believe that the employee will need to operate any vehicle on University business, it is necessary to first obtain authorization to ensure that the driver is protected by the State of Wisconsin Self-Insured Liability Program. In addition to not having additional coverage from the State an unauthorized driver also:
1.       Cannot transport any other individual on state business,
2.       Cannot be reimbursed for mileage for any trips taken on state business,
3.       Cannot access a car through the State Car Rental Contract,
4.       Cannot operate any state-owned vehicle.

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