Speaking of Thanks . . .

UW-Green Bay alumni responded admirably to the fundraising challenge last year. The goal was to raise $50,000 in new donations. In total, alumni helped raise $92,362 additional dollars last year — nearly double the goal. Including the $50,000 match from Rick Chernick and Jim Wochinske, it made for a total of $142,362 additional dollars to support student scholarships and academic programs on campus.

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UW-Green Bay Alumni Phone-A-Thon, Thank You, Nov. 2012UW-Green Bay Alumni Phone-A-Thon, Thank You, Nov. 2012UW-Green Bay Alumni Phone-A-Thon, Thank You, Nov. 2012

In recognition of this achievement, UW-Green Bay Alumni Board members got together on a recent Thursday night with Alumni Phone-A-Thon student callers (including Director of Development Jeanne Stangel and new Director of Alumni Relations Kari Moody) to call alumni who gave last year just to say “Thanks.” About half of the alumni who made a gift last year through the phone-a-thon were called. (Another night to finish calling the rest will be scheduled in late spring). Board members and students talked to alumni or left a voice message to thank them for making a gift. For the most part, alumni were pleasantly surprised to get a phone call thanking them for a gift. As one graduate put it, “How often do you get called just to be told thank you? It’s refreshing not to be asked to do something or give something for a change.”

Although the callers made it clear it was just a thank-you call, some alumni did respond with a gift. About $400 was raised for the night. Board members and students were equally happy to be making the calls, and are looking forward to doing it again in the spring.

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