Deadline is Dec. 2 for OPID pilot program, Online Instructor Training

UW-Green Bay has been invited to submit up to two individuals to participate in a UW System pilot program, Online Instructor Training, designed to support effective teaching and successful student learning across the System. This program, which will take place online in January 2014, will allow participants to learn how to be more effective in creating interactive learning in online learning environments. In addition to completing the course, selected participants will be asked to take part in an evaluation of the online instructor training and share their learning experience with colleagues on their campus. They will be paid a modest stipend for their participation.

Participants will be instructors relatively new to online teaching, and be expected to have (1) a commitment to know basic functionality in D2L prior to starting the training, (2) evidence of teaching excellence and a dedication to teaching improvement, (3) an interest in collaborating across disciplines, and (4) an open mind about a variety of instructional approaches.

Contact UW-Green Bay’s Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning at 465-2410 for more information.

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