Public Safety issues winter preparedness reminder

UW-Green Bay Public Safety is working to ensure students, faculty, staff and visitors are ready for winter weather as temperatures dip. The office issued the following message Nov. 12:

“Are You Ready for Winter?”

It is only a matter of time before full blown winter weather is here. It is time to make sure you are prepared for winter conditions that could threaten your safety.

To help our campus community stay safe during this winter season, please:

  • Prepare a safety pack for your vehicle:
    • Blankets or sleeping bags
    • Flashlight with extra batteries
    • First-aid kit
    • Shovel, booster cables and windshield scraper
    • Non-perishable food like raisins and energy bars
    • Water
    • Sand or cat litter for traction
    • Cell phone adapter
  • Check the weather reports before leaving, leave earlier, and reduce speed during travel
  • Register for GBAlert: Snow Emergency text function is used to update changing campus conditions
  • Clear all windows of ice and snow before leaving, and drive with headlights on
  • Slow down and yield to approaching snow plows, and stay at least 200 feet behind plows in operation
  • Slow down and change lanes if passing any emergency vehicles parked with emergency lights on the roadway
  • Slow down and yield to pedestrians
  • Do not pass any snow removal equipment on our campus roads since all campus roads are no passing zones

For more information on how to put together a vehicle safety pack and make an emergency plan please visit

Stay safe during the winter season.

Tomas J. Kujawa

Director of Public Safety

Chief of Police