Student honors veterans through poem

Returning adult student and published poet Carleen Horner penned a Veteran’s Day reflection titled ‘Heroes in Disguise.” Horner, a Human Development major from Sturgeon Bay, has used poetry to examine and value her own life experiences and encourage others to do the same. Here is her Veterans Day tribute:

Heroes in Disguise
By Carleen Horner

Among us they walk
In plain sight
Clothed with strands of humility

Age does not discriminate
Decades of war
Scattered through centuries of time

Generations of families together have fought
Fathers and sons
Mothers and daughters

Serving their county
Proud and courageous
Ready to sacrifice it all

Their dedication keeps us safe
Yet no glory they seek
The veterans of war are the true heroes

In silent relevance
Honor them today, everyday
Those heroes in disguise