Video: Resilient music students play-on through pandemic 

During the pandemic, UW-Green Bay’s Adam Gaines, associate professor of Music, teaches his Jazz Ensemble class on the main stage at the Weidner Center. Music students use specialized slotted masks, bell covers on brass instruments, sit six-feet apart, and leave the stage every 30-minutes for the air to disperse. Gaines said he is blown away at how resilient his music students are and watching them persevere through these pandemic challenges.

Video Transcript for Resilient Music Students Play on Through Pandemic: Dr. Adam Gaines, I’m an Associate Professor of Music. I teach Jazz Ensembles and Music Theory course and I’m the trumpet professor here. The pandemic has definitely affected teaching music at UW-Green Bay in many ways. One of which is that our theory classes and things like that can be online but jazz ensembles and things like that cannot. And so, we’ve had to make a lot of adjustments including buying slotted masks for our students to use and bell covers and we keep six-foot spacing, which is what we’re able to do because we’re on the Weidner Center stage. I’m constantly impressed with my student’s ability to adapt during this pandemic. They’ve been extremely resilient, and they roll with everything that comes their way. It must be something built into our Phoenix DNA here. 

Video by Sue Pischke, Marketing and Communication

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