Hear it here: 360° of Learning on radio

Taking our brand to the streets, the new 360° of Learning radio ads have been playing on stations throughout Wisconsin since October. They are part of a larger plan to increase enrollment and highlight the UW-Green Bay experience.

360° of Learning

Duration: 1 minute | MP3

Radio Ad Transcript

Say you wanted a degree in business. Or pre-medicine.
Or social work. There’s no shortage of colleges to help you get one.

But say you wanted more than a degree. What if you really wanted a school that offered 360 degrees – of learning?

Welcome to the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.
Where 360° of learning is what happens when you’re exposed to people with different mindsets. It’s a broader perspective with unexpected viewpoints, challenging new ideas, and more ways to look at a problem.

Imagine real give-and-take between students and faculty.
With a feeling of community, and collaboration. Where every day, you’re more prepared for your career and what lies ahead. Making the degree you earn at UW-Green Bay all-around more valuable.

Take a look at what makes our 360° approach so different at uwgb.edu.

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