UW-Green Bay, CATL gain $50,000 to expand undergraduate research

UW-Green Bay has been awarded funding by UW System in the amount of $50,000 to support undergraduate research expansion across all disciplines. The grant, made through the System’s new Undergraduate Research and Discovery initiative, will be used during the current fiscal year. The proposal was written by Associate Prof. Jennifer Lanter, director of the Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning, and Associate Vice Chancellor Dan McCollum.

The Board of Regents created the grant program to help the state’s public universities enhance their ability to foster undergraduate research and promote innovation. At UW-Green Bay, the overall goal will be to provide support and coordination focused on engaging students in research opportunities that could yield multiple benefits for both students and the larger community. Those benefits could include a richer educational experience, improved student retention, and development of skills that promote entrepreneurial exploration and contribute to a dynamic regional economic environment. The funds will be used to achieve the specific objectives of providing professional-development opportunities through CATL in integrating research practices in curricula; providing resources for student travel and supplies related to student/faculty research collaborations; development of an electronic platform for sharing undergraduate research results; and development of a database to assist in connecting research opportunities with students.

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