CAHSS and Effect Article by Prof. Coury, What You Should Be Watching: the Squid Game’

Squid Game

If you are looking for new ideas of what TV shows or movies to watch, check out our blog section “What You Should Be Watching” by Prof. David Coury. Each month Coury writes about a film or TV show that is a must-see! This month’s article is on the Squid Game.

“To suggest that you should be watching The Squid Game assumes that you aren’t or that you haven’t already, which is perhaps unlikely since it is now Netflix’s most popular and most-watched series ever. Despite being very violent (something that doesn’t normally appeal to me), suspenseful and intense, the themes and ideas presented are nonetheless interesting and worth thinking about in this so-called K-drama (think K-Pop but for a television).”

Check out this article on the CAHSS and Effect Website.

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