More prizes added to Laffle

Two more prizes have been added to the prize list for this fall’s Universitywide “Laffle.”

The prizes are intended to generate interest as the Registrar’s Office collects donations for the “Pair and a Spare” charity drive which asks, as people do their own shopping for clothes and personal items this fall, to remember that disadvantaged children are doing without.

For each donated item a ticket will be awarded to the donor. The stubs will be placed in the Laffle Box for a prize drawing at the drive’s conclusion, Nov. 1, 2010. If individuals or groups would like to donate a prize they can either call ext. 2126 or drop it off at the Registrar’s Office (and receive a ticket for doing so).

The Laffle #2/ Home Depot Cart will be on the move again this Friday. We may even have an additional friend along with us. Bring your items in, call 2126 for a pick-up, and meet the newest member of the Registrar’s Office staff. (It is a life-sized Labrador cut-out on wheels who will be announcing the Laffle #3 for the Humane Society in spring.)

A huge thanks to all who had donated prizes as of Friday the 22nd:
Rug Hooking – Eileen Kolb, Registrar’s Office
Elvis License Plate – Chris Sampson, University Communication
UW-Milwaukee License Plate Holder – Robert Hornacek, University Communication
Wine Basket – Jean Haroldson, Registrar’s Office
Door County Package – Pam Harvey-Jacobs, Admission Office
Pumpkin Basket – Russ Leary, Registrar’s Office, and Patty Leary, Institute for Learning Partnership

See more details and background on the drive.

Click on the thumbnail below to see a larger view of the Laffle prizes.
Handmade wool (not yarn) rug hookingHistoric Elvis license plate and license plate holderBasket of wine and 10 free wine-tasting visitsDoor County packagePumpkin Basket

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