Laffle stretch drive: seeking donations for Paul’s Pantry, Humane Society

With fewer than 10 days to go, the good people in the Registrar’s Office are urging immediate action in support of the annual “Laffle” campus charity drive. Please bring your nonperishable food items, and/or pet supplies (including used towels, blankets and sheets) to the Registrar’s Office in the Student Services Building. Or give them a call (Eileen at ext. 2126) and they’ll arrange for pick-up. The drive to collect items for the Paul’s Pantry food bank and also the Bay Area Humane Society will conclude next Wednesday, Oct. 31, with a noon prize drawing in the Registrar’s suite.

And it wouldn’t be a ‘Laffle’ without fun prizes

It’s serious business collecting donations for worthy causes, but it’s also fun. Your donations earn tickets to enter into the raffle-like drawing. There’s a terrific grand prize on display in the Registrar’s Office, with more on the way — and also a few offbeat prizes that put the laugh in the “Laffle.” For the latest look at the expanding prize array (your contributions are welcome here, as well), click here.

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