Task force begins work on Marketing/Branding initiative

Chancellor Thomas Harden has named 12 members of the UW-Green Bay community to begin to address “a critical need” with their appointment to the Ad Hoc Task Force for Market Research, Analysis and Branding. The group will oversee and drive a coordinated effort to establish a more integrated marketing approach at UW-Green Bay, and to identify and launch a brand that effectively communicates the University’s distinctiveness. The task force, chaired by Assistant Chancellor for University Advancement Bev Carmichael, is expected to conclude its work by May 2011.

While the project will incorporate the results of previous surveys, analyses and identity work, the task force’s first assignment is to evaluate and select an outside consultant with proven experience in market research, analysis and branding in higher education.  “I believe that we’ve done very well with our marketing efforts to this point,” Harden said, “but working with an outside firm that can evaluate what we do best and help us communicate that distinctiveness to our markets will be of great benefit to us.”  The additional research and consulting will be funded with private dollars. Issues related to UW-Green Bay image and branding were a frequent topic of discussion during last spring’s Strategic Planning listening sessions on campus and in the community.

Serving on the Marketing/Branding panel…
The Ad Hoc Task Force for Market Research, Analysis and Branding (Marketing/Branding, for short) held its first meeting Oct. 13. Members of the working group are:

• Bev Carmichael, assistant chancellor for university advancement (chair)
• Sue Bodilly, director of marketing
• Ken Bothof, athletics director
• Sue Finco, public relations executive, member of Council of Trustees
• Katie Green, president, Weidner Center Presents Inc.
• Pam Harvey-Jacobs, director of admissions
• Sarah Inman, Alumni Association board of directors
• Dana Kozlowski, student Ambassador
• Don McCartney, faculty member in marketing
• Mike Stearney, dean of enrollment services
• Steve VandenAvond, director, Outreach and Adult Access
• Julia Wallace, provost

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