Interview with new A’viands dietitian Laura Rowell

A’viands at UW-Green Bay has posted to the site Student Health 101 a Q&A with Dietitian Laura Rowell, who joined their staff in October and is available to assist with nutritional questions on a variety of topics, and as an additional campus resource. We repeat that feature here:
What type of dietetic support do you provide to the UW Green Bay community?
My job is to support students in balanced and healthy eating to achieve their optimum health for enhanced learning. I enjoy educating students on making healthful and informed nutritional choices both on and off campus. Whether he or she has been newly diagnosed with a food allergy or are just trying to lose the freshman 15, I provide a safe environment to learn strategies, set realistic goals, and have some fun for a healthy and successful college life!
What is your mantra or philosophy about nutrition?
I believe nutrition is positive nourishment for your body and soul. Balance, variety, and moderation are best and one healthy sweet a day keeps your cravings away!
Outside of your work life, what do you enjoy?
I enjoy baking and canning. I instruct exercise classes, and I enjoy spending time with my husband and children.
Anything else you would like to share?
I surround myself with positive people and opportunities. I have two little boys who are turning into great chefs. I have a wonderful husband and some seriously great friends and co-workers. I love both of my jobs at UW Green Bay. In addition to my dietitian role with A’viands, I also lecture for the Human Biology department. Both jobs challenge me to do more and to be better every day for you, the UW Green Bay community.
What is the best way to connect with you?
I encourage anyone with a health question to e-mail me. I’m also available via phone at (920) 737-7095. I’d love to set up a time to sit down and chat about your personal health goals. It’ll be great fun!

To learn more about the dietitian services from A’viands, please visit their website. Individuals can access nutritional information, review menus, hours of operation and more about all things dining at UW-Green Bay.

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