A chicken suit, a new burger and Theatre’s ‘bobrauschenbergamerica’ play


In an unprecedented collaboration, the UW-Green Bay Theatre and Dance program presented an Iron Chef challenge to A’viands’ Chef Fazli Ademi. They asked him to develop a new sandwich that would promote the upcoming play, bobrauschenbergamerica, using foods mentioned in the script.

He did, and came back with a grilled beef patty topped with Swiss cheese, caraway flavored sauerkraut and mustard on a toasted onion bun. The bobrauchen-burger sells for just $3.99 and is available exclusively at The Grille on the lower level of the University Union through Oct. 31.

According to Chef Fazli, the creation is also an interdisciplinary feat. “When you create a dish you have to keep in mind popular taste, price point and marketability. This is business, creativity and theatre all rolled into one delicious dish. We are thrilled to be able to participate in the University’s common theme for the year (creativity).”

The Chicken’s involvement? Look for his presence in play promotions and the play itself — which has a lot of chicken jokes — between now and the run of bobrauschenbergamerica, which opens Oct 18 and runs through Oct 27 in the Jean Weidner Theatre.  A fantastical road trip through the American landscape in the last part of the 20th century, the play is a collage of text, images, sound and spectacle inspired by the artistic style of Robert Rauschenberg, one of America’s most influential visual artists. One final note, from the Chicken, about Chef Fazli’s sandwich: “What a great way to celebrate the launch of the theatre season than with the Oktoberfest flavored all-American bobrauchen-burger.”

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