CP “Quilted Together” exhibit on display in Union

CP, a nonprofit organization that provides therapy and life skills services to people with disabilities, is encouraging communities to look beyond a person’s disabilities through a traveling quilt display made by CP clients.

Quilted Together was created by clients in the Adult Day Services program at CP’s Green Bay, Fox Cities and Lakeshore locations. Each quilt block represents a client’s likes, interests and hobbies.

“We wanted to create something that made it easier for someone to look past a person’s wheelchair or disability and see all the great qualities that make them who they are,” said Kristen Paquet, Director of Donor Engagement & Marketing for CP. “It’s easy to let the things that make us different stop us from learning more about each other. Each of the client’s block on the quilt shows that we are probably more alike than different.”

Paquet said the inspiration around the quilt came from wanting to let each client’s personality shine. “When you see the quilt and learn that Desi likes to watch Lord of the Rings movies and John likes to spend time with his pet rabbit, you realize that any differences there might be don’t seem to be as big of a deal,” Paquet said. “That is the goal of the quilt. To celebrate all the amazing qualities that make us who we are.”

Quilted Together is currently on display in the University Union through the end of October.

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