Day of Service photos? Send them in!

UW-Green Bay’s Marketing and University Communications teams wants your Day of Service photos! Please share the service pics and/or videos from your phone (or camera if you prefer!) by uploading them using this UW-Green Bay Drive Uploader.

Serving your community? Send a photo.

Having fun? Send a video.

However you or your team are giving back to our community…send a photo.

THANK YOU!! Additional directions for uploading are below.

Photo/Video Clip Submission Directions:

Thank you for submitting your photo or video! Unfortunately, texting and emailing photos/video clips compresses the image making them unusable for publication. BUT, you can easily upload them by following these steps. From your phone, please upload your Day of Service photos/video clips using this UW-Green Bay Drive Uploader Link:

  1. From your mobile phone, open your email with the Drive Uploader link. 
  2. Tap the link: Your browser will open to UW-Green Bay Drive Uploader site. 
  3. Tap the blue-button ” Select Files From Your Computer.” 
  4. Tap the “Files” icon to navigate to your phone’s photo/video location. 
  5. Select a photo or video clip to upload. Add your name and email to the form. Tap “Add More Files” button until all have been uploaded. 

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