New ‘Serious Fun’ podcast episode: Carr, Rybak, and Martin talk supervillians

The forces of the All the Rage and Serious Fun podcasts gathered once again to bring armchair psychoanalysis of your favorite supervillians to the Brown County Library Comic-Con event. Host UW-Green Bay Associate Prof. Bryan Carr (Communication, Information Science) and returning guests Prof. Ryan Martin (Psychology) and Dean Chuck Rybak (College of Arts Humanities and Social Sciences) peel back the layers of rogues and monsters to see what makes them tick. The episode was recorded live at the Brown County Library Comic-Con event that was held at the Central Library on Saturday, September 29, 2018. Listen to the new episode.

“Serious Fun,” is a Phoenix Studios podcast that examines the media that shapes and reflects our lives. For all the shows in Phoenix Studios, UW-Green Bay’s podcast network, visit

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