Campaign Video: 'It sends a message that we believe in this'

Paula Ganyard, Faculty and Staff CampaignIn many ways, the Cofrin Library is at the heart of the UW-Green Bay campus. You could say as director, Paula Ganyard is the heart of the library.

“I find working in higher education exciting,” Ganyard said. “I’m constantly learning.”

Ganyard is also the Academic Staff co-chair for the Faculty-Staff Campaign.

“I believe strongly in public higher education,” Ganyard said. “To ask others in the state to fund public education without my being able to step forward and do it first is I think a little bit too much to ask. So I think it’s important that we all step up to whatever level we’re comfortable of course in doing it.”

The 2010 campaign has reached the halfway point. So far, more than 30% of the full-time employees have donated. That’s a little less than half of the 67% goal. Fifty-six donors increased their gift from last year. Twenty-six are new donors. Ganyard says this year, the campaign is more important than ever before.

“It really sends a message that we believe in this. We believe in it strongly enough that at a time we’re taking furloughs we’re willing to put up some of our own money,” Ganyard said.

The campaign wraps up October 12.

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