Fun photos: Door opens for new international students

Until this fall, it was possible for a new international student to arrive and depart Green Bay without ever having visited the beautiful mid-American vacation destination that is Door County, just a few miles from campus. Well, the Office of International Education addressed that shortcoming as part of this fall’s extensive International Student Orientation program. Great idea — we’re told the students loved it — and the images show it. See gallery.

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Loyal Log correspondent Kristy Aoki, a staff member in the Office of International Education who plays a key role in coordinating orientation and welcoming new students to the United States and UW-Green Bay, provided both the fun photos and a few additional bits of info:

• Enrollment isn’t yet final, but it is certain UW-Green Bay will surpass 100 international students for the first time in roughly a decade or more. Likewise, the 41 new internationals this year is the largest total in recent memory;

• This year’s new arrivals are from Germany, Azerbaijan, France, Denmark, Netherlands, Spain, Colombia, Canada, China, Korea, Uganda, Egypt, Latvia, Japan and Saudi Arabia;

• In terms of overall enrollment, including returning students, the four nations accounting for the most international students are China, the Republic of Korea, Egypt and Germany. Germany has the most semester and short-term exchange students, while the number of students from Egypt seeking to matriculate and graduate from UW-Green Bay is on an upswing;

• The four-day, pre-semester orientation for new international students included academic orientation; informal meetings with other students, faculty, staff, and UW-Green Bay administrators, along with strong co-curricular and social components.  All told, Aoki says, dozens of individuals and more than 20 offices and service-providers across campus generously helped out with getting the newcomers situated.

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