Student feature video: Rania Jones, nursing major

Meet UW-Green Bay’s Rania Jones, majoring in nursing and living her best life. She is passionate about the nursing program’s supportive environment and the hands-on training with high-tech mannequins. Rania loves the UW-Green Bay campus with its park-like environment and friendly atmosphere.

Transcription: What I love about the nursing program here at UW-Green Bay, is the fact that the faculty and staff are here for me and they make me feel comfortable. I also get a hands-on experience with the mannequins, which I love and I also just love my peers who encourage me to be better and to try to reach my future endeavors. What I love outside of classes here at UW-Green Bay, is the warm smiles that I get when passing people and on top of that the beautiful nature feel that this school gives me, like the birds chirping, the trees are nice and green. I just love it.

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