Click this!

Clicker technology has taken to the classroom at UW-Green Bay.

A pilot program that started with five professors has ballooned to 13 faculty members using the increasingly popular technology.

The clickers, small hand-held devices that are “tied” to a student, introduce more interaction in the classroom.

Professors use a computer to project questions on a screen and students answer them with their clicker. When everyone has answered, the poll results are revealed and the both the students and the professors know how well the class is grasping the subject matter being taught.

Student answers can even be calculated as assignments, quizzes or tests.

“It really has transformed my teaching, and I think it transformed the students’ learning as well,” said Prof. Jennifer Zapf. “Lectures are no longer just ‘sit there, and listen and zone out.’ They really have to stay engaged and pay attention, and they’re encouraged to do that because they’re going to be tested by the questions that we have.

“It’s much more of an interactive kind of learning, but it’s great because I get feedback right away, just instantly, in terms of how well the students are comprehending the material. They get feedback right away in terms of how I’m doing getting information to them, but also how well they’re picking it up.”

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