Accounting Prof. Kaminski receives ‘Excellence in Lean Accounting’ Award

Congratulations to UW-Green Bay Assistant Prof. Heather Kaminski. She received the “Excellence in Lean Accounting Award” presented by the Lean Enterprise Institute (LEI). She was recognized for her research and insight into lean accounting and its impact for the lean enterprise. Each year, LEI presents an award to an educator at the Lean Accounting Summit.  The awards are given based on how an educator has moved forward by advancing knowledge or continuing their own learning on lean accounting.  At the Lean Accounting Summit, we hope you will not only fully participate in all activities, but also engage with other attendees to help create a network of learning, sharing and teaching. This year’s summit was in Austin, Texas on September 12-13, 2019.

In the photo, from left to right: Jim Huntzinger, president/founder of Lean Frontiers; Jean Cunningham, executive chairman of Lean Enterprise Institute; Kaminski and Dwayne Butcher, owner/vice president of Lean Frontiers.




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