Blackboard Collaborate changed ‘link sharing’

A recent update to the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra videoconferencing system changed the procedure for sharing a link to a session recording. It was previously possible to simply select “copy link” in a recording’s options menu and share that link, but the recent change now requires the recording owner to change an access setting before the copied link will allow viewers to watch the recording. This change only affects newly created recordings; existing links from recordings created before Sept. 5, 2020 will continue to work without additional action. The new Collaborate Ultra recording sharing procedure can be found in the UknowIT knowledgebase article at
Collaborate Ultra is used by several departments for video meetings outside of UWGB courses, so CATL wishes for the Log to amplify this message beyond our usual constituents, if possible. Without knowledge of this change, users will likely continue to use the old method for sharing and be surprised when their audience reports that they cannot access the recordings.

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