Greater Green Bay 2017: Envisioning the Future

Your participation is requested for the Greater Green Bay 2017 Envisioning the Future summit, September 29-30 at Tundra Lodge, Green Bay. From the flyer, “Our community is engaged in a systematic process of collecting information about ourselves (notably, through the LIFE Study), identifying trends, and developing strategies that move people to action in ways that will improve our community. We are identifying threats and finding opportunities that increase the likelihood of success and prosperity for our community’s families and institutions. We are working together at Greater Green Bay 2017: Envisioning the Future to develop, understand, and share a set of mutually-held perceptions, ideas, goals and priorities. This is important work, and it is hard work. It requires that people from all parts of the community, thought leaders from all sectors and backgrounds, come together face-to-face and spend time with each other and with the data. Listening, thinking, talking, sharing, to build alignment and focus based on data-driven foresight.” UW-Green Bay faculty emeritus David Littig is leading the charge. Register here.