Clampitt’s latest book highlights the work of many UW-Green Bay community members

Sage Publications recently published Prof. Phil Clampitt’s (Information and Computing Science, Communication) book, Social Media Strategy: Tools for Professionals and Organizations. “Posting, tweeting and messaging on social media platforms is easy and entertaining, but doing so in a way to achieve professional and organizational goals is hard and challenging,” says Clampitt, Blair Endowed Chair of Communication. “The book guides professionals and organizations through the process of developing their strategy for their social media initiatives with the goal of enhancing organizational effectiveness.” Many members of the UW-Green Bay campus community contributed to the book in significant ways:

  • UW-Green Bay graduates (Elizabeth Hintz, Karli Peterson, Taylor Thomson-Schroeder, Katelyn Staaben), faculty/staff (Ryan Martin, Laleah Fernandez, Jena Richter Landers) and prominent community members (Amy Martin, Julie Sadoff) contributed chapters to the book.
  • Danielle Bina, senior lecturer of Communication, tested many of the book’s ideas in her Social Media class and contributed posts to the social media newsletter.
  • A team of students and graduates (Alycia King, Amy Weinfurter) led by Amy Bauer ’17 crafted a supporting and highly interactive website for the book that features “research spotlights” written by students; a social media newsletter; and an on-going contest to “Rate the Social Media Fail” on an “Ugh” index.

Those interested can sign up for the newsletter and rate the “Social Media Fail” at

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