One more look at this year’s new freshmen

We’ve already bombarded you with photos/video of move-in day earlier this week. Here’s a statistical look at the new freshmen, if you haven’t already seen these numbers:

•  About 900 students, 93% from Wisconsin and most from the 18-county NEW North region;
• 15 other states represented (including two freshmen from Alaska, one from Florida and two from New York);
•  9 international freshmen from 7 countries (Brazil, Canada, China, India, Korea, Malaysia, Trinidad & Tobago);
•  50 new freshmen from Preble and 27 from Bay Port.

Interesting facts about incoming freshmen from the Beginning College Survey of Student Engagement:

• 55% completed at least one AP class in high school;
• 29% completed four or more years of foreign language;
• 73% were involved in high school athletics;
• 76% worked during high school.

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