Employee Parking: Faculty and staff can use ‘Pay-by-App’ option, payroll deduction or buy permit in person

UW-Green Bay faculty and staff can use the Pay-by-App option or purchase a permit. The Pay-by-App cost is $3 for two hours of parking or $5 for a full day. A couple of zones are considered “premium” parking at the University Union Visitor Lot and at the rear of the Kress Center, and cost more. There are five specific parking stalls in all the major academic parking stalls with a Pay-by-App option, with the exception of Studio Arts which allows parking anywhere within the lot. When you use the App, if you select the “park” button at the bottom it will use your phone’s GPS capabilities to determine your location and then show you on the map where to park. This also lists the zone number to be used when parking.

Pay-by-App parking locations:
Lab Sciences:
West side of lot near the STEM building

Baird Foundation Lot:
North Side of lot, near path leading to MAC Hall

Kress Events Center:
West Park of lot, near Handicapped area
East Side of lot, near removed tennis courts

Middle, near the 15 min.parking zones.

Studio Arts:
Entire Lot

Weidner Center:
East side of lot, near Loading Dock

Payroll Deduction will close Friday, Sept. 11

The payroll deduction option extended to current UW-Green Bay employees for parking permits is now available for the 2020-2021 academic year.  By using payroll deduction you purchase a yearly parking permit through several small deductions from your pay check that are spread out over the nine-month academic year. Our parking permit system is virtual and does not require a physical pass, using your vehicle’s license plate to verify your parking rights. If you elect to enroll in payroll deduction, you must enter in your license plate number correctly into the system or verify your previously entered license plate is correct. All vehicles must park with the license plate facing the travel portion of the parking lot so they can be read by our vehicle mounted automated license plate reader system, including those displaying only one license plate (motorcycles, registered out of state, etc).

Ad Hocs, Associate Lecturers, University or Academic Temporary Staff, or individuals who work on campus but are not employees of UW-Green Bay must go to the Bursar’s Office to make their purchase as payroll deduction is not available. Payroll deduction will close and will no longer be available after Friday Sept. 11, 2020.

Qualifying employees wishing to elect payroll deduction please use your campus log in at https://sis.uwgb.edu/parking/employee/ to enroll. After logging in please complete these steps:

  1. Enter in your license plate(s) if you are new user or verify the accuracy of your license plate(s) from last year if you are returning. Please keep in mind, you may enter multiple vehicle license plates but only one vehicle can use the permit at any given time.
  2. Check the box agreeing to the payroll deduction terms.
  3. Click the “Signup for Payroll Deduction” Button

Upon successful completion, a message will appear indicating “You have successfully signed up for payroll deduction.” You will also see the valid dates of your permit in the “Your Permit History” section.

Employees choosing not to use payroll deduction or who want to purchase term permits can do so at the Bursar’s office with AFTER 8/1/2020.  If you purchase a permit in person, you are still required to enter your license plates at https://sis.uwgb.edu/parking/employee/ . The permit purchase and entering license plates are your responsibility alone.