Kersten’s hand in ’06 Founders Award makes four

voyageurPhotographic evidence has been discovered that establishes Prof. Andrew Kersten, a historian with the Humanistic Studies academic unit, has actually been associated with four consecutive Founders Association Awards for Excellence.

That’s Kersten, back row in white shirt and tie, posing with the Voyageur magazine group that took the 2006 award for excellence in collaborative achievement. Kersten has served as a member of the editorial board for the local history magazine, which is based at UW-Green Bay. (For IDs on all of the magazine team members pictured here, scroll to the end of the 2006 post.)

This “investigative finding” therefore corrects a previous faculty/staff newsletter posting, and blog entry, that had identified Kersten as merely a three-time winner of the University’s highest honor for faculty/staff excellence. He now joins Prof. Cliff Abbott, of Communication and First Nations Studies, with four. Each man is a three-time recipient of individual honors, and each has had a hand in a collaborative-achievement award. No other recipients in the 35-year history of the awards program sponsored by the Founders Association have earned more than two individual Founders Awards.

(It was publicized here immediately following the August 2009 convocation that Kersten was the first to “three-peat.” He now, technically, owns a “four-peat” and is running out of categories to win unless the selection committee starts doubling back. :) In any event, congratulations to Andy and Cliff, atop the list of all-time Founders Award recipients…

Kersten’s record of excellence:
2006, collaborative achievement
2007, teaching
2008, scholarship
2009, community outreach

Abbott’s record of excellence:
1984, community outreach
1995, institutional development
2003, scholarship
2008, collaborative achievement

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