UW-Green Bay Social Work student Amanda Rosado encourages students to ‘dive in head first’ to online classes

Although UW-Green Bay is intending to be open in fall and welcoming faculty, staff and students back on campus, some classes originally scheduled for in-person instruction will be moving online or having online aspects to them for the safety of the UW-Green Bay community. Current UW-Green Bay students who transitioned to online learning in Spring 2020 demonstrated that they are resilient problem-solvers and describe their experiences while providing some advice to future students…

Amanda Rosado is a junior in the Social Work Program.

Amanda Rosado

“I’ve had my share of hybrid and online classes! Although it can be scary to dive into, whether you may have had bad experiences in the past or even have never taken one before, they are still fun, engaging and very similar to a normal lecture class! Online classes require some more discipline to get your studies done, but you typically have some extra time! Instead of assignments being due “at the start of class,” they’re usually due by midnight so that you have the whole day and/or week to do them! They’re also really engaging due to the usual discussion posts you’ll have to do as assignments that help you to connect with your fellow classmates and get their own perspectives on topics!

Lastly, if you think you’re still unsure or anxious about taking online or hybrid classes, office hours are still the same as they are for lecture courses too! So there will always be a designated time that the professor will be actively responding to emails and answering any questions or concerns you may have. On top of that, they typically provide additional and supplemental resources to help you as well! So dive in head first, start something new, invest in a planner to stay on track and you will do amazing! Always remember that college is a time to try new things and challenge yourself! Best of luck to you all!”

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