Fall Convocation 2015: The day in photos

The annual Fall Convocation for UW-Green Bay faculty and staff started with a first — for the first time in the event’s nearly 50-year history, a fire alarm sent people scurrying out of the University Union — and, actually, the chance to enjoy some fresh air and mingle with colleagues at the outset might have helped. Once the formal festivities commenced, long-time Convocation chroniclers say they’ve never seen so many standing ovations… for each of the Founders winners, for Rosenberg Professor Illene Cupit, for the trail-rescue people. Chancellor Gary L. Miller delivered mostly upbeat remarks, new employees were introduced in fine fashion, new emcee Steve Meyer (SOFAS X) enjoyed his role and rocked a green bow tie, and lunch was served on time. (The fire alarm? Believed to have been a work crew’s dust fouling up the sensors, elsewhere in the building.) A good time was had by all.

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Phoenix Way Street sign unveiling, August 31, 2015

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