Clarification on personal travel, self-assessment

A question (or related) often asked in UW-Green Bay’s Coffee Break on Monday, August 24, 2020 is answered here regarding travel and the self-assessment form:

The CDC and Wisconsin Department of Health Services has recently changed recommendations pertaining to personal travel. The daily self-assessment form (if you are going to be on campus) has been updated to address this new standard. Specifically;

In the past 14 days have you traveled where you were required to remain in close contact with unknown individuals for periods of time beyond 30 minutes; for example, airline or other mass transit; use of hotels in which CDC Travel Guidelines were not required to be complied with?

Intrastate and interstate travel to private points specific (e.g. to see family members) which is done using private transportation and where lodging occurs at a private residence shall not restrict presence on campus, subject to confirmation that the individual did not have contact with any individual who they know to be COVID-19 infected.

In most cases, if an individual has complied with the linked CDC recommendations, they will not be subject to isolation from campus upon their return.

This item continues to be examined by the CDC and WDHS and may be subject to immediate change based on prevalence of COVID-19 spread in geographic areas.

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